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Cristen-Dex is a Credit Management Consultants where we provide our services on a No-win, No-fee basis at the pre-legal stage.

We personally deal with the debt from the beginning to the very end. This includes all communication with the debtor and Court proceedings if necessary.

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Highly Experienced

We recognise that our clients will require a service tailored to their own needs. These will be discussed fully at the outset. We have a team of highly experienced and dedicated credit managers who will collect your debt as quickly and efficiently as possible. Throughout the process, we will keep you updated with regular process reports.

Track & Trace

Cristen-Dex LLP also uses the Track and Trace Software. This means if a debtor has moved address and failed to inform you, then we may be able to trace them through the use of this software. Cristen-Dex LLP also uses Risk Tracker. This allows us to monitor debtors’ companies and we will be notified of any changes. This is of particular importance where a company is limited and plans to dissolve, as in most cases, it allows us to put a stop on this until the debt has been paid. Unlike other credit managements consultants, we do not charge for these services.

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For a free consultation or to discuss our process in more depth, please feel free to get in contact with one of our experienced Credit Managers who will discuss what we can do for you.

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